who likes old technology also still blogs

I still pick up a PDA every day. On my desk there is a Clie, a Palm and a couple of Newtons. This early mobile technology still fascinates me more than the most modern smartphones.

2022-12-10: 📱 USB-powered Palm Dock




I use a UBS hub where I can turn the individual ports on and off. Ideal for charging multiple PDAs.

Unfortunately, the Palm Universal Connector Dock does not use the USB power, but needed an extra power adapter.

However, thanks to poor soldering skills, the power now comes out of the USB cable.

2022-11-13: 📱 Syncing old PDA


2022-07-05: 📱 Palm M505

New to the collection: Palm M505/e

Nice Palm OS 4.0 machine with SD-card slot.


2022-07-01: 📱 Sony Clie PEG S300/e

New to the collection: Sony Clie PEG S300/e

One of the first CLIEs.


2022-06-22: 📱 Garmin iQue 3600

New to the collection: Garmin iQue 3600

The first Palm PDA with build in GPS.