Sony Clie PEG Sl-10/e (2002)

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Manufacturer: Sony | Year: 2002 | Width: 72 mm | Height: 104 mm | Depth: 17 mm | Weight: 104 g

Palm OS: 4.1

CPU: Motorola DragonBall EZ | CPU-Clock: 33 MHZ | RAM: 8 MB

Display: 320x320 Greyscale (16 Shades) | Battery: 2x AAA battery (removable)

Personal note

A small compact PDA with a high-resolution screen (for those days): 320x320px. I don't particularly like the display because it is difficult to read in daylight and without the backlight activated.

Palm OS 4.1

p_palmos_41clie_1.jpeg p_palmos_41clie_2.jpeg p_palmos_41clie_3.jpeg