Sony Clie PEG UX/50 (2003)

p_clie_ux50_1.jpeg p_clie_ux50_2.jpeg p_clie_ux50_3.jpeg


Manufacturer: Sony | Year: 2003 | Width: 103 mm | Height: 86 mm | Depth: 18 mm | Weight: 175 g

Palm OS: 5.2

CPU: Sony Handheld Engine CXD2230GA | CPU-Clock: 128 MHZ | RAM: 104 MB (16 MB accessible for files and programs)

Display: 480x320 TFT (65536 colors) | Battery: Lithium-ion polymer

Camera: 0.3 MP camera (640x480 image, 160x122 video)

Connectivity: Bluetooth 1.1, Wifi 802.11b, USB 1.1, IrDA 1.2, Memory Stick

Personal note

The UX50 is a power device! The UX offers Bluetooth, Wifi and USB. Pretty impressive for 2003. Plus a memory stick slot and a backlit keyboard.

The only drawback is the non-rotating display, a portrait mode is not available.

The device is a solid part of my desk equipment.

Palm OS 5.2

p_palmos_52_ux50_0.jpeg p_palmos_52_ux50_1.jpeg p_palmos_52_ux50_2.jpeg p_palmos_52_ux50_3.jpeg p_palmos_52_ux50_4.jpeg