Palm IIIc (2000)

p_palm_IIIc_1.jpg p_palm_IIIc_2.jpg p_palm_IIIc_3.jpg


Manufacturer: 3Com | Year: 1999 | Width: 79 mm | Height: 127 mm | Depth: 17 mm | Weight: 170 g

Palm OS: 3.5 - 4.1

CPU: Motorola DragonBall EZ | CPU-Clock: 20 MHZ | RAM: 8 MB

Display: 160x160 Color (256) | Battery: Li-ion (not removable)

Personal note

When I saw the first pictures of the Palm IIIc, I was blown away. A Palm with a color display. And in the shape of the III series. Great. I could never afford it.

Today the model is not so attractive. The battery is fixed and there were better devices from Sony with color display and the "classic" Palm OS.

Palm OS 3.5

p_palmos_35c_0.jpeg p_palmos_35c_1.jpeg p_palmos_35c_2.jpeg p_palmos_35c_3.jpeg p_palmos_35c_4.jpeg

Palm OS 4.1

p_palmos_41c_0.jpeg p_palmos_41c_1.jpeg p_palmos_41c_2.jpeg p_palmos_41c_3.jpeg p_palmos_41c_4.jpeg