Palm IIIe Special (1999)

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Manufacturer: 3Com | Year: 1999 | Width: 81 mm | Height: 119 mm | Depth: 18 mm | Weight: 170 g

Palm OS: 3.1, not upgradable

CPU: Motorola DragonBall EZ | CPU-Clock: 16 MHZ | RAM: 2 MB

Display: 160x160 Greyscale (4 Shades) | Battery: 2x AAA battery (removable)

Personal note

This is the Palm IIIe in the Special Edition with transparent case. I was never a fan of this kind. The Palm IIIe is basically a Palm III whose operating system cannot be upgraded. It was the cheap alternative to the Palm IIIx. If anyone still has a Palm IIIe in the normal black case. This one is still missing in my collection.

Palm OS 3.1

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