Palm m100 (2000)

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Manufacturer: Palm | Year: 2000 | Width: 79 mm | Height: 118 mm | Depth: 18 mm | Weight: 125 g

Palm OS: 3.5.1

CPU: Motorola DragonBall EZ | CPU-Clock: 16 MHZ | RAM: 2 MB

Display: 160x160 Greyscale (16 Scales) | Battery: 2x AAA battery (removable)

Personal note

The idea is nice: a small handy PDA. But the case looks so cheap and personally this is one of the ugliest Palm ever. The clock, which can be seen through the lid, is practical. Unfortunately, my device does not have this lid. In the year it was released, this was never really an alternative to my Palm IIIx for me.

Palm OS 3.5.1

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