Palm T (2002)

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Manufacturer: Palm | Year: 2022 | Width: 75 mm | Height: 102 mm | Depth: 15 mm | Weight: 158 g

Palm OS: Palm OS 5

CPU: Texas Instruments OMAP 1510 | CPU-Clock: 144 MHZ | RAM: 16 MB

Display: 320x320 Colour (65536 scales) | Battery: lithium-ion (non-removable)

Connectivity: Bluetooth, IrDA

Personal note

The Palm T (or M550 in development) is the first Palm PDA with an ARM CPU. Palm also introduced version 5 of Palm OS along with this device. The devices became more contemporary thanks to audio and Bluetooth capabilities. A particularly clever design feature is the retractable case that hides or exposes the Graffiti input field. This makes the device very compact and handy.

Palm OS Garnet 5.0

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