Palm Zire 71(2003)

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Manufacturer: Palm | Year: 2003 | Width: 74 mm | Height: 114 mm | Depth: 18 mm | Weight: 150 g

Palm OS: Garnet 5.2.1

CPU: Texas Instruments OMAP 310 | CPU-Clock: 144 MHZ | RAM: 16 MB

Display: 320x320 Colour (65536 scales) | Battery: lith-ion (non-removable)

Camera: CMOS 0.3 640x480px

Personal note

The Zire 71 is more of an entry-level PDA that was not aimed at the business market. Accordingly, the housing feels a little cheap. However, the device has a special feature that was rarely found on Palm: a camera. It is activated by pushing up the display. A camera resolution of 640x480 was contemporary and then thanks to the SD card there was also enough memory. Personally, I used the Z 71 mainly as an MP3 player, even if that meant carrying only 3-4 albums at the time. Translated with (free version)

Palm OS 5.2.1

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