PDA32 (2010)

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Manufacturer: ACEECA | Year: 2010 | Width: 76 mm | Height: 127 mm | Depth: 25 mm | Weight: 195 g

Palm OS: Garnet 5.4.0

CPU: Samsung S3C2440 | CPU-Clock: 400 MHZ | RAM: 64 MB (128 MB Backup)

Display: 320x480 Colour (16 bit) | Battery: lith-ion (non-removable)

Connectivity: USB, Bluetooth and Wifi prepared

Personal note

The PDA32 is the last PDA to be launched with Palm OS. After all, that was still in 2010.

The device was not built for private use and that's how it feels: Rugged, but not elegant.

What was interesting for companies maybe, as a private person I would always go for the T|X from 2006.

Palm OS Garnet 5.4.0

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