Psion Revo (1999)

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Manufacturer: Psion | Year: 1999 | Width: 156 mm | Height: 79 mm | Depth: 17 mm | Weight: 200 g

OS: EPOC Release 5

CPU: ARM 710T | CPU-Clock: 36.864 MHz | RAM: 8 MB

Display: 480x160 Greyscale (16 scales) | Battery: NiMH (non-removable)

Connectivity: IrDA

Personal note

The Revo is a small, handy device. Unfortunately, the keyboard does not come close to the quality of the Series 5. The battery is fixed, which doesn't really make sense. Maybe that's how the small case factor was preserved. The screen is a dream for a greyscale LCD. Very clear, even if the backlight is unfortunately missing.

EPOC Release 5 1.06

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